Rice wraps (2 would be a perfect lunch-size)

Sweet potato



Herbs like: coriander or parsley


1inch ginger

*note: you can get really creative here and mix around with different veg, herbs and even add a protein source.



Cut all veggies in thin strips.

Steam the sweet potato in 4 minutes, making sure to rinse in cold water after. (this is to stop the sweet potato from cooking and so preventing them to get too soft)

Fill a bowl with hot water, cold enough that you can still put your hands in, and big enough for a rice wrap to fit.

Soak a rice wrap, depending on the heat of the water, for approx. 10-15 seconds, take out of the water and pat dry on a clean and dry kitchen towel.

Fill the bottom half with veggies/filling/herbs.

Grate some ginger over the filling mix and drizzle with some juice of the lemon.

Fold the sides of the wrap in first, then roll from the bottom up. (most packages will have images on how to wrap them)