These no-bake Brownies are a delicious, moist and packed full of nutrients.


Brownie ingredients

2 cups Walnuts

1 cup Raw Almonds

2 cups Medjool dates

½ cup raw cocoa nibs

6tbsp raw cocoa powder

2 tbsp flavouring: sky is the limit here, think of bee pollen for immunity, goji berries as anti-oxidants,

desiccated coconut flakes to increase Omega-3, hemp seed for extra protein in your diet, or chia

seed for a mixture of added protein and Omega-3.

¼ tsp salt, preferably Himalayan pink rock salt.



Food processor/blender (I used my Nutri Ninja, it worked perfectly fine, but had to add the

ingredients in batches to get a smooth texture)

Baking tin lined with baking paper



1) Pit the dates, chop roughly and set aside

2) Chop the almonds roughly and set aside

3) Chop the walnuts roughly, transfer into food processor/blender and pulse/blend until finely


4) Add the cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, salt, and 1 tbsp of the flavouring of your choice and pulse

until combined.

5) Add the dates handful by handful and blend until the mixture looks like cookie dough.

6) Transfer the mixture into a bowl, add the chopped almonds, fold into the mixture and press

into the lined baking tin. Smooth the top with the back of a spoon. Sprinkle on the rest of

the flavouring and gently press down.

7) Let set in the freezer for about 30 minutes.